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As an automotive shop you need a website. This is where your slogan will be. If you have a catch phrase it should go here.

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Automotive Repair Experience

This is a paragraph, you can put any text you’d like here. So, if you have been in business for a while this could be where you brag a bit about your experience. You could tell your customers a little about your company’s history. If you are just starting you could tell your customers about the latest tools and technology that makes your company stand out from the others. Basically, we’ve built some simple templates to get you on the web fast. While there are probably many business owners out there who have paid for a website before who have, consequently, found themselves looking at a blank page and not knowing what to do next. As a result these business owners are completely lost and get frustrated with trying to figure out how to build the website they want. We realize this can be scary, so that’s why Business Web Design Studio does this to help you get started. Since you are the expert in what you do, with our service, you don’t have to learn to be an expert in website design, hence, we take care of everything for you!

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All images on this website are copyright protected and are the property of the owner. If you would like a website like this you will need to provide photographs as well as text to complete your new website. A setup fee of $50 and a $19.99 hosting plan are required in advance in order to cover the cost we incur prior to beginning your website.  We look forward to working with you on your new website. Thank you, from the team at Business Web Design Studio.

We Keep You Going

In conclusion, we want you to know that not only do we get your company on the web fast with our templates we also keep you going.  Business Web Design Studio will customize your template with two to three basic colors of your choosing. We use the photos you provide and also the text you provide. Sometimes we have to edit the text in order to fit certain guidelines Google wants to see, but we stay with the information you are providing. In addition to setting up your template we also maintain updates in security as well as other important updates. We are in the business success business and want your business to succeed. Let’s get started now. Sign up now if you’re ready to succeed!

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